Lettering goods out in the wild. Click on the photos for a larger view.

INVITATION SUITE watercolor brush lettering printed on card stock //  MY BEAUTIFUL MOM BANNER fabric paint on muslin // WELCOME SIGN digitized handlettering printed on poster // MENUS + NAME CARDS watercolor brush lettering printed on card stock, guests' names brush lettered at top // TABLE NUMBERS watercolor brush lettering // DESSERT SIGNAGE watercolor brush lettering
LORD THOMPSON MANOR, Connecticut // photos courtesy of Brumley & Wells

INVITATION SUITE watercolor brush lettering printed on felt weave paper, front & back // TABLE NUMBERS white paint on glass growlers // MENUS watercolor brush lettering printed on felt weave paper // NAME CARDS watercolor brush lettering // GRAB SOME PICKLES BANNER fabric paint on muslin // COCKTAIL POSTER + PICKLE SIGNS watercolor brush lettering, ILLUSTRATIONS by Karli Hendrickson {source// ESCORT CARDS watercolor brush lettering
DIRECTION + DESIGN: mStarr Event Design // GORE PLACE Waltham, Massachusetts // photos by Li Ward of Fat Orange Cat Studio

BRIDE + GROOM CHAIR BANNERS fabric paint on muslin // PLACE SETTINGS gouache paint on kraft paper // BAR MENU BANNER fabric paint on muslin // TABLE NUMBERS black gouache paint on cover-weight paper (source) // REHEARSAL DINNER PLACE SETTINGS white gouache paint on terra cotta plates
CREATIVE DIRECTION + EVENT DESIGN by Lauren Wells // COURAGEOUS SAILING CENTER Charlestown, Massachusetts // photos courtesy of Lauren Wells + Fat Orange Cat Studio

WEDDING BAR MENU chalk pen on custom-made board (source) // PORTLAND COMPANY Portland, Maine // photos by Fat Orange Cat Studio

WEDDING DINNER MENU watercolor brush lettering, digitized and printed // ESCORT CARDS watercolor brush lettering // DRINK MENU watercolor brush lettering // ILLUSTRATIONS by Quinn Luu // DIRECTION & DESIGN by mStarr event design // HIGHFIELD HALL Falmouth, Massachusetts // photos courtesy of Emily Alfano

MAP SIGNAGE sharpie pen on wrapping paper (source) // BRIDE + GROOM COCKTAIL MENU watercolor brush lettering on watercolor paper
CREATIVE DIRECTION + EVENT DESIGN by Lauren Wells // photos courtesy of Cambria Grace Photography

CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE watercolor brush lettering
photos courtesy of Sarah Der and Meredith Perdue